Zooming in and double click changes to next glyph

Zooing to high resolutions and double clicking after that sometimes activates the edit view for the next glyph. See video.

Bildschirmvideo aufnehmen 2023-04-17 um 18.24.25

hm, seems not to work here. Mov is in zip…

glyphs1.mov.zip (296.3 KB)

3.1.2 (3151)

I cannot reproduce this. How did you activate the zoom tool? By clicking the magnifying glass icon in the toolbar, by pressing Z, or by holding down Command and Space?

Select tool is active and I am zooming with command space. The cursor has to be in the right half of the bounding box of the glyph. And the glyph has to be somewhere in the middle of the window, so it won’t be moved too much to right or left, while zooming a few steps. Then the “effect” occurs most often.