Zooming in edit tab

think i may have run across something odd that might be behaving incorrectly. wanted to let you know just in case.

when zooming in, i can zoom incrementally (with a single click) usually 4-6 times, and any click after that zooms to maximum magnification.

zooming out always zooms the window to the smallest possible magnification.

this is on a 2007 vintage mac pro running 10.6.7 with an intuos4 pen as input.

This seems to be a problem with the click. If you slightly drag in the moment of clicking, it zooms out all the way. Why it only happens on zoom out is strange, through.

I changed the behavior a bit to add some tolerance.


thanks, georg. tolerance will probably deal with it accurately.

i think (based upon past experiences with other applications doing similar things) that the wacom driver’s touchier than your previous allowances.

there are 2048 levels of pressure and movement; i’d not be surprised at all if a miniscule movement was the cause.

Can you test the latest version?


sure, but i bought from the app store. would it cause any sort of license problem to download from here?

never mind, downloaded and tested. worked like a charm.

i’m assuming i should toss this copy and wait for an updated version through apple’s updates, correct? not sure how they deal with fixes.

I will submit a new version to the App Store soon. It usually takes a while to review it.

that’s what i figured. thanks!