[944] Crash on export

I’m consistently getting crashes when exporting Eau de Garamond now. Using newest version [944].

Glyphs file is here: https://github.com/CatharsisFonts/EauDeGaramond/blob/master/3.%20Glyphs%20Source%20Files/EauRoman.glyphs

Can you please try versions 945 (that just went live)?

Still crashing. :rolling_eyes:

Though among several crashes, I did get 1 abort with error message. I think the problem occurs when the heavy half of the Infant instances are exported, in case that helps. Might have something to do with brace layers, then.

Is there something I can contribute toward solving this problem? Maybe send in something from the temp folder after a crash?

Please send me the file.

I already posted the link to the source file:

Just uploaded a new version (946) that can export your file without crashing.

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Thanks for the fix! :smile:

Seems like this crash on OTF export has been getting worse. It happens almost every time now. Eventually, it works, but only after sitting through multiple crashes. I’m on version 964.

You are sending the crash reports, right?

Every time.

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I have better luck with 961, which is on my other machine, but it still is happening there as well.

Still getting this with Version 2.4.1 (983). This is really a major problem for me. Works great unless I need to generate a font. I thought this would be fixed by now.

Incidentally, I think I found a workaround: Exporting OTFs one at a time. Kind of a pain, but it seems to work. Typically, when this crash happens, I’m exporting lots of OTFs at once (48 is typical). So maybe something to do with that?

Can you send me the crashing file?

What address would be best?

support at this domain.

Also, I’m not sure it’s because of the file. I tried again this morning (exporting 48 OTFs) and it did it without crashing. Not sure what could be different as far as the file is concerned. No changes were made, other than what instances to export. I’ll send it anyway.

This is a strange but. It crashed for me twice but as soon as I tried to debug it, it started to work fine. Did you try the latest cutting edge version?

(Sorry, didn’t realize you’d responded.)

Not yet, but I’ll try that.