Add Texture To Font

Is there an easy-ish way to add various textures to a master font? I’m going for three styles similar to the ones here:

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Like the rough style in the sample? I am working on something similar but it won’t be out for a while.

Yes. The rough script style. Just wondering if there is a way to make a second, more destroyed font version via a background layer, filter, etc. without copying / pasting glyphs one by one. I’d prefer to just somehow make the textured font from the smooth font version.

Dump the entire font, minus accented letters, to an Indesign file at 120pt or larger. Export that to 300 DPI raster images. Use Photoshop filters (Machine Wash from Mr. Retro works well) inside of an action to distress all of the images in a batch job. Autotrace each distressed image with Illustrator, then copy/paste the glyphs back into Glyphs. Now you get to the horrible part—cleaning up the bad paths and reducing node counts. You might want to use a different technique to distress the outline of the letterforms, talk to calligraphers and lettering artists about those.

Thank you for the tips. I’ll look into that! I was curious about this though… it seems like there is a way to add a texture simply in glyphs? Adding a texture layer

Result may not be as good as doing it via actions the way you suggest though…

In the example Ian posted, it seems that he is using Illustrator to add the texture and then he copy/paste into Glyphs. I guess it is the easiest and the most “realistic” way for now. If you start playing with texture in Glyphs, there won’t be a way to randomize it or you’ll have to create a different texture for every single glyph.

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Hey Rainer, did you get a chance to work more on this?

No, sorry. It still is on my list.