Apple Silicon Support

Hello, I’m thinking about finally upgrading from Glyphs Mini to Glyphs 3, but I also plan on purchasing an Apple Silicone Mac at some point later this year. I was wondering where things stood with native Apple Silicone support for Glyphs 3 and whether I could expect Glyphs 3 to be fully functional when I upgrade my Mac as well.

Have a look at this thread, especially the answer by @Tosche:

If you look at the end of the thread, you see that things are improving a lot in recent releases:

If you get your M1 Mac later this year, it seems like most issues will be resolved by then. For example, Glyphs now ships with Python 3.9.1, so you no longer need to download that manually.

Also note that this is mainly about plugin support. Glyphs 3 by itself runs fine on M1.


Thank you! That’s great news!