Auto alignment stability

Every time I update to a newer version of Glyphs I’m presented with a huge long list of auto alignment changes like this

Obviously I can’t keep going through hundreds of alignment issues only for them to all change again next time I update. Are you actually changing the behaviour of auto alignment each update, or is this some weird instability? It’s making me avoid updating Glyphs.

This dialogue doesn’t seem the best way to handle changes anyway: how can we know whether to keep position or update alignment without seeing the before and after?

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Was the file you opened saved with Glyphs 3.2 (the current cutting edge) or a version before that? For files saved with 3.2, this should no longer happen.

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I’m on 3.2 but the designer for this project is currently on 3.1.1, he can’t get 3.2 yet, so it looks like I have to know which version different designers are using and match them when opening their files, ouch.

I don’t think so. It’s just that once everyone is using 3.2, the issue should no longer appear.

I just tried opening in 3.1.2, and I get lots of alignment changes too.

Was the file saved with 3.2 that you opened in 3.1.2? Or still the file from 3.1.1?

Saved in 3.1.1. So he’ll have alignment issues in 3.1.2 and again when 3.2 becomes available.

Once 3.2 becomes available, why would he upgrade to 3.1.2 from 3.1.1 instead of 3.2?

he plans to update to 3.1.2 today, and we don’t know when 3.2 will be public

This is still causing headaches with the latest version. After updating to 3301 today, I get 309 problems…

When selecting ‘update alignment’ and ‘new tab with affected glyphs’, we see every master appears twice, and the alignments are completely broken.

No matter what I try with rebuilding those glyphs, I can’t get auto-alignment to behave correctly. The mark ligatures are broken, they used to work with #exit and #entry anchors as we discussed before. Now those anchors are not being used (moving them has no effect).

It’s frustrating that every time I update Glyphs, I get a huge mess.

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Hopeful bump. I can’t use the current version until auto alignment works properly.


Can you send us a sample file. I tried on my end and could not reproduce.