Best way to handle Marshallese LOCL glyphs


In Marshallese language we need these glyphs:

The Mm Oo with cedilla, and those with macrons above can easily be put into CCMP.

Unfortunately we run into a conflict with Ll Nn as they’re encoded as ‘$ with cedilla’ in Unicode but given the names ‘$commaaccent’ by Glyphs, since Latvian needs these characters to have the commaaccent instead of a cedilla. Since these Marshallese glyphs are physical cedillas, it feels wrong to call these alternates ‘$commaaccent.loclMAH’, but that seems to be what Glyphs would expect for auto feature generation, right?

Maybe these glyphs could also go into the sidebar as a subset of Latin?

[I’m not certain of the design of the M Nn cedilla, whether it’s fine centred but without the connection, or whether it’s better to use the standard cedilla and connect it into some stem or other. If there are any Marshallese users here please let me know!]


There was a discussion about the M+cedilla design on typeDrawers, recently.

And for now it will be $commaaccent.loclMAH


Thanks, yes, I saw that, but it seems we’re all guessing a bit about the preferred shape :slight_smile:

‘for now’ means this might change in the future?


I might change that. Or not change it but add the automatic rule when there is Ncommaaccent and Ncedilla to add the substitution for Marshallese.

The Ncommaaccent is in AGL as is Ncedilla.