Bitmap SVG font

I was trying to create an svg-based font (transparent bitmap svg images as glyphs) but it doesn’t seem to work.
Either I’m missing something or there is a bug or creating such a font is not supported by Glyphs (yet?).
After setting up metrics on a master layer, placing an svg image on “svg” layer, exporting font, the way it displays in Photoshop/Illustration is weird. The glyphs width and height are no set properly.

Also, if trying to open an svg-based OTF file created in Fontself, I’m getting this error.

Surprisingly FontLab handles this file well enough to continue working with the font and exporting it properly.

Any idea if it’s going to work in Glyphs?

What version do you have?

The issue was reported earlier: Apple Color Font problems

The last message in that thread says it was fixed. Looks like it wasn’t?
Sorry, I’m on the latest version

Can you send me the file?

Just did

I don’t see a crash.
The file opens fine and contains a svg and a SBIX table. The metrics are a bit funny. The UPM is at 1000 but the ascender+decender are around half that. And the size of the SBIX table is quite a bit bigger then the actual images.

Which one you are able open, Georg? The one created in Fontself or the one created in Glyphs?
Most of the screenshots I sent were related to the file created in Glyphs. While opening the Fontself file in Glyphs, I keep getting this error

After the last update Glyphs does opens the Fontself otf. Two questions though:

  1. Why there are 2 additional layers now - iColor 1752 and svg? The first one (iColor) contains corresponding svg image scaled to 57.08% (looks how it is supposed to look though), the second layer contains the svg image in 100% but the image is clipped so you can barely see the bottom of the letter.
  2. When testing in Photoshop, no letters are visible, only those tiny clippings that were left on the svg layers are visible on the Glyphs panel (see screenshot below).

The font from fontself contains both, a SVG and a sbix table.

The messed up positioning of the images could come from the way the svgs from fontself are written. You could try to remove the svg layer on some of the glyphs and add a SBIX to SVG custom parameter to see if that helps.

I’ll give it a try. Thank you, Georg!