Bounding box height in InDesign

How to set the bounding box for the font to be fit to the CAP height in indesign (or at least to control it) ?

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You mean the first baseline offset? That is controlled in the Frame Options (Cmd-B). One of the options uses the typoAscender value. See the Vertical Metrics Tutorial.

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Thanks, it’s quite helpful, I could control the bounding box in Adobe through typoAscenders, but I can understand the pink lines in the attached, can you please tell me what is it?

Also when I tried (cmd+b) all the glyph got highlighted in pink

I’ve just installed " Vertical Metrics Tool" plugin, and all values are showing, I think it’s clear to me now, thanks again.

Cmd-B in InDesign, not in Glyphs.


this is an Alignment zone. Check the values in Font Info > Masters

I have an Arabic font in addition to Latin letters which I’m using temporarily, when I export the font with Latin the bounding box fits perfectly to the cap height (in inDesign) when I delete the Latin Letters (which I’m intended to), the bounding box goes higher in inDesign even when I force it to be “Cap Height” through cmd+b,

what could be the solution to keep the bounding box fit to cap height even without Latin letters, I tried deleting paths by keeping the Latin glyphs, but again the bounding box goes up, I feel like he is basing the bounding box on some Latin glyph.

Any advice?

That depends on the setting you have for first base line offset. Read this please:

Thanks, it says:
(Cap Height: The top of uppercase letters touch the top inset of the text frame.)

but this only works when I actually have “Latin” Caps, and doesn’t work when I don’t have Latin.

Do you have an idea that I can follow in Glyphs which can trick inDesign and make him set the text frame to Cap Height, without caps?, I would really appreciate if you have, thanks in advance.

As far as I understand it, InD measures a key glyph. And that needs to be present. So I would just add Latin A-Z.

If there is another trick, I do not know. Have you already asked in the Adobe forum?