Can't install plug-in/Python…

I am sorry to bother you guys again… I sincerely tried to fix this problem by myself before asking you some help.

Ii would like to use these 2 extensions :

So I installed them via the plugin manager, and then Glyphs told me I need to install Python.
So I did from the official website.

Now when I open the Glyphs app, a pop-up opens and says : Python installation needs this missing module : « PyObjcC » You can install « pip3 install pyobjc » in the Terminal or using the Python module from the plugin manager.

So I looked for this module in the plugin manager, but I don’t find it, and when I typed « pip3 install pyobjc » in the Terminal, it says « command not found »

Does someone know how to find a solution ?

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try going into preferences/addons and change the python version to the one glyphs installed. That fixed it for me.


YOU ARE RIGHT @kemie !
Thanks !

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Just wanted to chime in here too. I wasn’t even using the extensions you mentioned and I still got that warning every time I launched the app.

You’re right, going into Glyphs 3 preferences / addons and switching to Glyphs python made it all better. I had previously installed plugins that weren’t showing up (Red Arrows, Smart Plumblines) and now it’s all good.

Thanks, Forums :+1:


Just chiming in also to add a little more info for anyone else also experiencing this issue and adding a sceenshot.

Glyphs > Preferences > Addons is NOT the same as the “Plugin Manager” which is located at Window > Plugin Manager. For some reason I was getting those two things connected and confused.