Can't install plug-in/Python…

I am sorry to bother you guys again… I sincerely tried to fix this problem by myself before asking you some help.

Ii would like to use these 2 extensions :

So I installed them via the plugin manager, and then Glyphs told me I need to install Python.
So I did from the official website.

Now when I open the Glyphs app, a pop-up opens and says : Python installation needs this missing module : « PyObjcC » You can install « pip3 install pyobjc » in the Terminal or using the Python module from the plugin manager.

So I looked for this module in the plugin manager, but I don’t find it, and when I typed « pip3 install pyobjc » in the Terminal, it says « command not found »

Does someone know how to find a solution ?


try going into preferences/addons and change the python version to the one glyphs installed. That fixed it for me.


YOU ARE RIGHT @kemie !
Thanks !

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Just wanted to chime in here too. I wasn’t even using the extensions you mentioned and I still got that warning every time I launched the app.

You’re right, going into Glyphs 3 preferences / addons and switching to Glyphs python made it all better. I had previously installed plugins that weren’t showing up (Red Arrows, Smart Plumblines) and now it’s all good.

Thanks, Forums :+1:


Just chiming in also to add a little more info for anyone else also experiencing this issue and adding a sceenshot.

Glyphs > Preferences > Addons is NOT the same as the “Plugin Manager” which is located at Window > Plugin Manager. For some reason I was getting those two things connected and confused.

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It looks like I cannot find this Python version for Glyphs, but in the Modules it’s installed.
Can anyone help?

The one you want should have Glyphs inside the parentheses instead of

I just have one option inside the parentheses. How to have that one with Glyphs?

Restart Glyphs. Then it should be available.

i hate to keep adding to this thread, but I just installed Glyphs 3 and now the only options in Preferences>AddOns is 3.7.3 (Homebrew), no option with Glyphs in the parens, no matter how many times i restart.
Perhaps because I had versions of Python 3 and an older 2 installed on my system? But it doesnt look like glyphs installed one?

The “(Glyphs)” Python version is only available as an option if you have installed Python from the Plugin Manager. Go to Window → Plugin Manager → Modules and install Python. Relaunch Glyphs for the installation to complete. Now select the “(Glyphs)” version in the preferences and relaunch Glyphs again to load the new Python version.

thanks, i knew it was something silly I (didn’t) do, just couldn’t figure out which one. :wink: