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When using smart components and cap components, it would be helpful for cap components to be able to join directly to other components. At the moment it seems I need to draw actual outlines to attach the cap components to. Here the two bowls are smart components that change width depending how many bowls the letter has. Then I have three cap components which should always attach to the main strokes. Since I’m having to draw and position the red nodes, any change of the smart components will mean manually having to adjust the red nodes to move the caps. (EDIT: I think it also means that in interpolated instancs, there may be rounding errors where caps don’t necessarily align with stems.)

Please consider making a way for cap components to be drawn the right way up too. Drawing and adjusting them when upside-down (hanging below the baseline) is peculiar.

Also, it would be helpful for the dialogue box ‘make component from selection’ to automatically get text focus. I always just start typing only to find I need to click that box first (seems the other dialogues already work the way I expect).

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EDIT: It would also be helpful if we can flip the cap component. For another letter I need:

But I can’t see a way to do this using the same cap component but flipped.

EDIT 2: Cmd-Shift-D doesn’t decompose cap components, how can we do that?

EDIT 3: I’d also need the ability to have cap components that have smart settings.

EDIT 4: Swapping with background messes up cap components.

EDIT 5: In my two images above I want to always preserve the correct sidebearings, which are defined in the smart component. Unfortunately I can’t see a way to make sure the components don’t move around.

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Shouldn’t Cap components behave similar to corner components?
In terms of Automatic re-adjusting positions to ORIGIN anchor?

For this, you may want to check out Rainer’s script:

Or select the caps, and right Click to decompose them.


Unrelated feedback: cap components sometimes do not connect to the stems correctly depending on where the starting node is. If you want to use one to rectangle-shaped path (and want to attach cap components to both sides), there is no way to escape the starting node to. See the bottom right of the attached shot.

I know this. Changing the first node can fix this.

Like I explained, sometimes all nodes of the path are attached to cap components and there is no escape for the first node.

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Thanks, I didn’t spot that option. Still ‘decompose components’ seems like it should decompose everything in one go.

@Tosche It matters if the start point is left or right.

It doesn’t matter, the issue persists. (Also, I cannot undo changing starting nodes, in fact there are many things I cannot undo now)

Can you give me list of thing you can’t undo?

I fixed the undo with “make node first”.

Can you send me an example where setting the start point doesn’t help?

I’ll email you!

I think I come across undo failures in component-related operations. For example, if I disable alignment of a diacritic component, I cannot undo (and the Enable/Disable stops working, it doesn’t do what it says). That may be just it, but I’ll keep an eye on it.

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Yes I often have undo crashes when working with components. When you need to change the order of components by cutting and pasting them, undo seems to trigger crashes.

It would be nice to hear your thoughts on the original requests too.

I fixed some of the undo problems with components. If you still find one, I can fix it.

Agree. Not quite sure how that would be set up in the UI but it is very unnatural.

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Hopeful bump for the other questions I raised in the original post?

The original question about adding caps to components: This could be much easier done with real glyphs that attach with anchors (use any prefix to the anchor names (like #) to avoid generating unwanted mark feature code.

Got in another tangle with cap components. I wonder if anyone finds this feature easy to use, I can’t make sense of how it’s meant to work.

On the left is what I’m aiming for. My cap component is in the middle. On the right I draw the glyph with just a straight stem and try adding the cap components. The bottom one is fine, but it doesn’t know that I want the top one the other way.

When I try selecting and flipping the component, the bottom one disappears and the top one gets rotated instead of flipped:

When I press undo I get this:

Do you have node1 and node2 anchors in the cap glyph?

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