Catalina and Plugins

Currently mails are popping in asking me to update my plugins because they don’t run on Catalina anymore. Is there any documentation what to do? Some say the plugin (developer) cannot be verified (and OS will not verify its absence of malware).

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I also find this whole notarization thing confusing. My current Apple Developer account does not seem to support that so I “enrolled”. What the heck does this mean? I don’t know. And I have been waiting for the enrolment to complete for over a week now but that does not seem to be unusual. I hope notarization will be possible once I have upgraded (?) my account.

Will let you know in case I gain more insight.

In the meantime, this should be a work-around for your users:

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@TimAhrens @Mark

The following plugins slow down the start of Glyphs. Please update them, or contact the developer to improve performance.
| SpeedPunk.glyphsReporter |

This one keeps popping up and doesn’t show in the privacy window like the others.

Now, Font Spy doesn’t show as a menu item like it did before. All plugins not installed through the plugin manager are no longer there.

Everything is bought and paid for, including Glyphs App, so none of these are demo items.

Thanks for any help. I don’t get a report to send as Glyphs App is not crashing any more. It is just the plugins.

Also, I could only add two users per post but as @yanone is the developer for SpeedPunk, I think they should be included in the discussion! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

I was asked to write up a tutorial on how to notarize plugins for Glyphs, which I plan to do over the weekend.
Yes, it requires an Apple Developer account and it’s not exactly straight forward.

Plugins that are installed from sources external to Glyphs (so downloaded from a website or received by email) need to be notarized by the developer. Users can’t do anything about that unless they want to go where only developers normally go.

Plugins that Glyphs downloads (via the Plugin Manager) are exempt, I’m guessing because Glyphs itself is notarized, so Apple trusts that. (But be aware that as security screws tighten over time, we might lose this privilege at some point)

@PaperMariner I have already updated my own plugins and informed customers by email. Please log into my online shop at to download the latest version.

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SpeedPunk is now back and working after the update. Thanks @yanone !

Is Font Spy still not working after doing what @TimAhrens and @yanone wrote?

I already got feedback from users that the other plugins work (for example the Variable Font Preview, which should behave the same as Font Spy).

@GeorgSeifert what about to integrate stem thickness into the Glyphs, what do you think?

@yanone I finally managed to go through the tutorial and put it to the test. I want to thank you a lot for this! Everything was clear. It is a superb resource. And thank you guys for having developed such a great Plugin SDK, besides the actual type design tool that GlyphsApp is, the API is my favourite playground. Hands down :smiley: @GeorgSeifert @mekkablue

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