Change background color in Text Preview?

Can I change the background color of the Text Preview window. Window > Text Preview?

Glyphs is currently using Dark Mode, which I like. But I would very much like to change the background color to white. Or have Text Preview adhering to Preferences > Appearance > Always use Light Mode.

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I don’t think that I change this for now – at least not with more feedback from other users. I don’t like to add another option and it is not clear if it should follow the font or edit view setting.

Hi @GeorgSeifert I understand, you are properly right.

Another consideration could be to reuse the white/black toggle from the Preview.

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Anyways I will let it rest :smiley:


I though of that, too. But the button would problem slightly different. Most likely you like the preview view to switch with the rest of the system. So the button would switch if you match the system appearance or not. But that would be confusion.

It seems we can’t still change the background colour of Text Preview. I would love to be able to change it.

A popup button could be less confusing:

But that button would then probably need an appropriate label/icon and take up more space.

Hey, is there any update on changing background color from dark to white?

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I sincerely hope it will be implemented changing background color.
We need to check the text on the white background like printed on paper. (I’m using dark mode on my Mac.)

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It is on my list, but not very high. Until then, you can run this script in the macro window:

from AppKit import NSAppearance

It needs to be run every time you restart Glyphs. (You could build a plugin that runs this on startup.)

Thank you! It’s working well. I’m looking forward to be implemented.

I’d also like to see this change.

I tried running this but got an error message:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<macro panel>", line 2
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'defaultInstance'

I’m using Glyphs version 3.0.3 (3091) and macOS Catalina 10.15.7.

You need version 3.0.4 (the latest cutting edge version).