Changing Glyph Order in App

The Predefined Sorting section contains the glyphs whose names appear in the glyphOrder custom parameter. If glyphs are not in that section, they are not in the glyphOrder parameter (or the list filter).

When you put Unicode characters in the list filter, they are converted to names internally. So I would suggest that you use the names directly to avoid confusion.

I had assumed that using the codepoints directly would bypass that issue and would sort them in the given order no matter which name they had been given after that.

It works fine when I modify the names of glyphs in the glyphsdata file, as I don’t have to change any of their names due to using the codepoints directly in filters.

While it might take some time to add all the glyphs to the glyphsdata file, this appears to be the best solution.

The only issue so far is that components in the glyphs that have their names changed when I click update glyph info, has their components automatic alignment value changed from disabled to enabled. It’s not major issue but quite a few needs manual fixes after the name changes.

I didn’t mean to add them to the glyphData file. Only if you will need the same setup in several font. I meant to put the names into the list filter.

You can disable the alignment in font info. Or use the Alignment Manager from mekkablue before you change the names.

Oh, my mistake. I didn’t realise it was that you meant. I have already written most of glyphs I need to the file but I’ll try and this out instead in the future.

I’ll test the alignment manager then, thanks.

probably not totally trivial to solve but holding cmd key when dragging could be a start to enable drag … (I don’t need it personally)

For an Icon font I want to sort by name (alphabetically)

I do encode the icons on PAU and this seems to now dictate the order in the file.

When I add new icons and assign them to PAU the new codes are added to the end of the already assigned codes (using your plugin) … which is causing the sibling icons to be displaced in the list and not pair with the ones I would like them to.

Managing a separate sorting list by hand is utterly impractical for this

can you send me a file where it doesn’t sort alphabetically when all other properties match (category, subcategory, script …)?

sure , check your emails

Were you able to have a look?

PUA glyphs are sorted by unicode. To sort alphabetically, you need to overwrite the “sortName”. You can do that manually in the Cmd+Option+i dialog, or by this script:

selectedLayers = Font.selectedLayers
for layer in selectedLayers:
	glyph = layer.parent
	glyph.storeSortName = True
	glyph.sortName =

Is it possible to have a list filter that sorts the entire font by Unicode? I don’t want to change the predefined sort order associated with the font, but I would very much like to be able to do an on-the-fly Unicode sort to make it easier to see where there are code point gaps.

Everything I’ve been able to find about list filters and sort orders seems to require manually listing the ordering you want to see, which would sort of defeat the purpose of making it an on-the-fly thing.

You can switch to List View (regardless of which filter is currently selected), and sort on the Unicode column by clicking its table column header. Click again to toggle between ascending and descending order.

And I don’t think looking at long lists is not a particular good way to find missing glyphs. Rather use the Language items in the Font view sidebar or make list filters with all the codes you need. Or is there a reason you can’t use this?