Characters missing after export

I have glyphs 2.6.6
I just realized almost every font i export is missing one or both of these glyphs quotesingle and quotebl.
But in the glyphs app file they are there and they work fine its just when i export them and use them in adobe they dont show up it just leaves a blank empty spot when I press that key.

I export all my fonts to the adobe folder so there are no font cache problems.

What is happening? And how do I fix it?

You need to add all quotes listed in the quote filter:


Differentiate between what you actually type and what the automatic quote substitution (‘typographic’ or ‘curly’ quotes) makes from it, depending on your locale: "„“ or “” or «» etc.

This has been discussed before:

Okay great thank you that was the problem. Now is there a way to make the spacing and kerning for those the same as the quotesingle and quotebl that i already spaced and kerned?

This is described in the handbook:

See 9.1.2 Metric Keys (on page 114) for linking the sidebearings (spacing) and 9.2.2 Kerning Groups (on page 117) for linking kerning.

In addition to the Glyphs handbook, take a look at the Spacing and Kerning tutorials.

I wrote the Quote Manager script in the mekkablue scripts for unifying the spacing and kerning. Might help here. But it’s a little advanced.

I know how to kern and space and use kerning groups I just dont know how to put all the quotes in the same kerning group since these ’ " are illegal characters for kerning groups.

Use a descriptive group name like quote, or quoteTop, quoteBottom, …

Thank you thats what i needed