Cmap Table endCode Array Error on OTF Build

I am building a set of OTF binaries off of separate master UFO source files for monospaced regular, oblique, bold, and bold oblique sets. They install without issues on OS X; however, when I attempt to install them on a Windows box, I receive the error “Not valid font”. I analyzed each of the files in Microsoft Font Validator and it displays error messages for the cmap table that state the following (for each of the styles):

The endCode array is not in ascending order | PlatID = 0, EncID = 3, Fmt = 4

and a second error message that is the same with the exception of the details of the parameters that were listed:

The endCode array is not in ascending order | PlatID = 3, EncID = 1, Fmt = 4

Any thoughts?

That is difficult to
Debug without seeing the files (could you send me one of the .ufo files). But for OpenType fonts, the cmap is written by makeOTF. And I didn’t see this error before.

Thanks Georg. I am happy to send it to you. Where should I send it?

Send it to support [at] this domain.

I mailed it to you. Thank you very much for having a look at this. I really appreciate the support.