Componenets With Hebrew Letters

Hey there!
I wanna create a variant of a Hebrew letter inside a circle.
I’ve attached the circle and the letter with anchors. Place the circle anchor right in the middle and the letter anchor in the optical center.

If the letter is in Hebrew, when I move the letter anchor, the circle moves. When the letter is in Latin it acts normally. What am I doing wrong?

On the video, the letter on the left is shin-hb.circled, and the letter on the right is a.circled

Screen Recording 2023-09-21 at 18.06.31

You need to make sure your component order is correct. If you want the circle to stay fixed, you need to make it the first component.

Screen Recording 2023-09-21 at 18.47.51
Now the letter just changes position in the X axis but not in Y axis

Ah, sorry, I didn’t properly read your post.

Seems like this is a similar issue to what I ran into lately (also with Hebrew): #entry/#exit scaling happening in Hebrew/RTL?

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There is some special processing going for RTL glyphs. I’ll have a look.

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