"Converting Nodes and Segments" doesn't seem to be working for me?

This is most likely user error on my part and/or a failure to understand the capabilities of Glyphs Mini, but: I have a point along my glyph shape at which I want to make a certain line “bulge out” between two corners. A (very) rough illustration:

I achieved something similar on another glyph while using the pen tool by adding a smooth node between the two corner points and using that to control the curve. However, if I add a point along this segment using the pen tool, and then try to use this advice from the handbook:

Or from another post here, which of course pointed me right to the handbook!

By selecting either just the node in question, as shown below, or the node and its adjacent nodes, and then either pressing Return or double-clicking, nothing happens:

Any idea what I’m missing here? Considering this seems to be a pretty basic and well documented feature I imagine I’m missing something terribly obvious.

I was indeed missing something obvious! :sweat_smile: I’m supposed to convert the segment!

Not sure if I should delete this post, or if this might be useful for someone similarly confused in the future :^P

It cannot be converted into a green point because it is not bordering a curve segment.

What you want is not inserting an on-curve node because that produces two line segments. What you want is to turn the line segment into a curve segment. This is how: switch to the Select tool (shortcut V), and Opt-click on the straight line segment. Then two handles will appear.

There is a video that shows handling of paths.

Edit: Sorry, I totally missed your follow-up post. I’ll leave this up here for anyone with a similar question.