Corner components get exported wrong

Hey there,

I am working on a project with multiple masters and corner components as inktraps.
Somehow not all corner components get exportet correctly, some not at all, some only in instances and some withouth their alignment.

I’ve attached some images:

This is how the glyphs appear in the editor.

And this is them rendered in InDesign:

There are multiple errors:

  • Some Inktraps are missing (Crotches of K and upper link of g)
  • Some Inktraps only appear in specific instances (Crotches of K and links of g)
  • Some Inktraps loose their alignment (Link of u and r)

I tried both with checking the remove overlap option in the exporting dialogue and without. I also added remove overlap as a pre filter. Both didn’t make a difference. I removed the pre filter.
Also only some Inktraps appear in the Glyphs preview, but I read that that is because of the rendering capability of the perviewer in a different forum post.

Thanks for your help,

Hi, not sure whether this is directly related, but have a look at adding anchors to your corner components maybe:

Otherwise, if I may permit myself, I would suggest tweaking the g somewhat – at least in a classical contrast model (which you follow in the other lowercase glyphs), the middle bar is thick and the bottom thin, currently you have the middle thin and the bottom a bit thick :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply! I will take a look at the post you shared.

Also, thank you for your feedback — I appreciate it. You’re right, the proportions are a bit off :slight_smile:

Can you send me the file (by email to support at this domain or as direct message in the forum)?

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Did so!

Sorry that it took so long.

The problem is that the corners have different alignments in the masters. Alignments can’t be interpolated. You need to have the same setting in all masters.

The mekkablue script Propagate corner components to other masters will be helpful for this.