Couldn't input float number in axis mapping

we can’t create Arabic dot switch axis from axis mapping(because axis mapping doesn’t support float number). i mean like this axis:
this is axis info in designspace format:

	  <axis maximum="2.9" minimum="0" tag="DSTY" default="0" name="dot-style">
		    <map input="0" output="0" />
            <map input="0.999" output="0" />
            <map input="1" output="1" />
            <map input="1.999" output="1" />
            <map input="2" output="2" />
            <map input="2.9" output="2" />
        <label uservalue="0" userminimum="0" usermaximum="0.999" name="-" elidable="true"/>
        <label uservalue="1" userminimum="1" usermaximum="1.999" name="DS1"/>
        <label uservalue="2" userminimum="2" usermaximum="2.9" name="DS2"/>

this is the avar format:

    <version major="1" minor="0"/>
    <segment axis="DSTY">
      <mapping from="-1.0" to="-1.0"/>
      <mapping from="0.0" to="0.0"/>
      <mapping from="0.3445" to="0.0"/>
      <mapping from="0.34485" to="0.5"/>
      <mapping from="0.68933" to="0.5"/>
      <mapping from="0.68964" to="1.0"/>
      <mapping from="1.0" to="1.0"/>

(it would be great if we can input the axis mapping info in designspace and avar format too)

Where did you try to enter the float numbers?

here(this is another font):

Works for me. You can edit the values in the list directly. And there you can use floating points.

But I wonder what the dot switching has to do with axis mapping?

could you please increase the accuracy to three digits after point(like 0.999)? i mean reach the maximum limitation defined for avar. this would solve our problem. thank you.

we don’t need transition shapes between dot styles and rvrn feature isn’t working for components, so this is solution for that.

I see. I fixed it. For now, you can edit the values in the .glyphs file directly. Open the .glyphs file in a text editor and search for “Axis Mapping”.

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okay. thank you so much.