Cross hair on node drag

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In Fontlab when I drag a point about a crosshair appears. I personally find it handy. Is there some way of activating this or it just not there?


It is not possible.

Hmm… it makes for precisely lining one node up with another a doddle. The align nodes is useful but it finds a mean which then potentially still needs realignment. Could just be me but I don’t want to be piddling around with guidelines. eg. I’m sketching an ‘o’ and am matching up symmetrical top and bottom handles over and over. Seems a bit… tricksy

Just like to say overall the software looks bloody fantastic. I’m clearly fighting some deeply engrained processes…

You can align the handles much quicker with Align Selection, and you can decide to which side it aligns to with the grid on the grey info box.

But when it comes to handles, what counts is the curvature, which you can control for all selected segments by pressing Ctrl-Opt-1 through 8. Or with the Fit Curve UI on the Palette (Cmd-Opt-P).

+1 for crosshairs when moving nodes.

Why move one handle and then align another to it? You can move two handles at the same time in Glyphs.

Or what exactly are you trying to achieve? It could be solved with a plugin. But For the purposes described, there are better solutions in place already.

Aligning a node with an edge on a neighboring, different letter would be one case in which crosshairs would be useful.

Crosshairs can be useful when scaling.


I’ve wanted this feature forever. I also use align selection and the aligning options in the transformations panel, yet there are many times when a simple crosshairs would simply make moving and adjusting things faster and easier.

It should be a trivial plugin to add in the View menu along with ‘she red arrows’ and ‘show instances’ and the like.

Okay, okay. I understand horizontal. Vertical too?

√ Vertical

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And when? All the time the view is activated, or only when dragging?

For me, only when dragging.

To only works while dragging (for now).

One note: If you like to align a node to another, you can drag the one node other the other to add an automatic guide to it.

I know and using it :slight_smile:

If the horizontal crosshair-line would run over the whole width of the screen, it would also enable to align with (parts of) other glyphs.

Download the plugin from:


Thanks mekkablue!

Suppahduppafine !

Amazing. I wish I’d noticed this when it came out.

Might I suggest some kind of monthly digest of significant developments? on an opt-in basis of course.

Once again - awesome work @mekkablue

You can already do that. Sign up in github and follow people like Deutschmark, tosche and me.