CUSTOM glyphs

Hi there ppl! I have a simple question but I didnt found the correct info (or maybe I dont know how to search it). I need to add some custom glyphs to my font, so I went to ‘add glyphs’ menu, enter some custom names, draw them, but they didnt appear after export for adobe apps. Seems I am missing something important here, huh?

appreciate any help,

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You can only type glyphs which have a Unicode value. See Window > Glyph Info for a list of recognised glyphs.

What custom glyphs do you want to add and how do you want to access/type them?

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The glyphs should appear in the glyphs panel in Indesign. If not, you may haven’t installed the new font properly. Please have a look at this post:

Thanks for asking! I was having the same exact problem – all of my glyphs were exporting EXCEPT for the custom one I was trying to add.

-Glyphs Mini ver.1.5.7(47)
-Mac OS 10.11.5 (El Capitan)

I had added a custom glyph via the “+” icon at the bottom of the Glyph App window, but since there is no way (that I could see) to add in any more information aside from naming the new glyph, such as Unicode information, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

I knew it wasn’t a cacheing issue, because I had already gone through the steps listed here, to no avail.

@mekkablue’s answer helped me figure this out. As per his answer/instructions, I used the Glyph Info panel to find a glyph with Unicode information that would work for my purposes. Selected the desired glyph and chose the “Add to font” button at the bottom of the Glyph Info panel. Copied over the custom glyph to the newly added one w/Unicode info, re-exported and…It worked! All of the glyphs showed up.

You can do a few things to set the glyphs properly. The easies is if you know the correct glyph name. The the unicode and category will be set automatically. Or you just type the letter instead of the name and glyphs will convert it to the proper name. Or, as you did already, use the glyph info window.