Custom Groups.plist support in Glyphs 3?

In moving to Glyphs 3, I copied a custom Groups.plist I was using in Glyphs 2 as a Languages filter over to the Glyphs 3 Application Support folder but it is not functioning as the other Language filters built into Glyphs 3 do (no glyphs missing/present count and does not actually filter). It still works fine in Glyphs 2. Did the spec for the .plist file structure change with Glyphs 3?

Yes, one or two things have changed. There’s info in the updated Custom Sidebar Entries in Font View tutorial. Basically coverage becomes list. There might have been one other thing.

I’ll dig into that tutorial. Thank you Jeff!

First thing I’d try is simply renaming coverage to list. That might be all that is needed.