Different Display of Masks in Font View and Glyphs View

Since there were changes to the mask behaviour in version 3077, some Glyphs are not displayed as before in Glyph View and Font View (left = earlier version, right=version 3078):

The glyphs have a “mark, mark mask, base glyph” structure as mentioned here. The issue seems to be only the display in the Glyphs app. When exporting a otf, the masks are applied correctly.

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Could you send me a sample file?

Send you the file via DM. Here you can see the difference between the older version (left) and version 3078 (right):

Hey hey @GeorgSeifert are there news on this issue? To be able to work on the project I installed the stable Glyphs3 version (3058) on a different computer. But it when I try to open the font file Glyphs crashes as soon as I’m in the Font-View window. So now I’m not able to work on the project with both versions :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the reminder. I think I fixed it.