Do I get to upgrade?

I have purchased Glyphs 2 on May 27th. I read that free update to Glyphs 3 is only for purchases made on June 1st. Considering it is only 4 days, can I have the update for free?
Thanks in advance!

Probably not:

To be honest, there are other software products (not font editors) which give 1 yr upgrade. Eg Sketch ( I do value the hard work of the team behind this. Had it not been 4 days, I would not have appealed. Thanks.

Yes. Sketch has been pointed out to me since I posted this, and one musical notation app which also has a grace period of a full year. There are many, many more software titles with a shorter grace period, or even no grace periods at all. Most common appears to be a duration between 30 and 90 days.

Glyphs 3 had a grace period of 170 days, roughly 5 and a half months. We got there by going back 150 days or five months, and extending it to the first day of that month we landed in. June in that case. I am still pretty sure that this is above average.

Sketch is selling you updates for one year. Glyphs 2 was updated regularly for 5 years for free. If you buy the app now, you will get free update for years to come. If you don’t, we still update Glyphs 2 (altho not as frequent as the last few years).


Noted. Thank you for your time.