Feature suggestion: different colour labels for each master

Hi guys,

I think it would be better if each master could have its own colour labeling. I use colours to mark my progress on each glyph (i.e. yellow=still working on it, green=finished, purple=component glyph, etc) and when working on multiple masters it just doesn’t help at all having the same colours.


Brought up before but not adopted: Independent color marks in the different masters?

Huh? This is implemented as layer colors. And documented as well.

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Where is the “Set Layer Color” option?

In Edit mode, Right click (control-click) to bring up a context menu, then press and hold the Option key. “Set Glyph Color” will then change to “Set Layer Color”. Select the color from the palette for the layer. Hope that makes sense. [That’s for Glyphs 2.3 beta.]

In Glyphs 2.2, the context menu has a “Set Layer Color” item. When selected, the color applies to the layer. Described in section 3.5.4 Glyph and Layer Colors in the Glyphs Handbook for Glyphs 2.2. https://www.glyphsapp.com/get-started


Thanks for the reply. Layers colors is kind of another thing than what I had in mind. I was referring to the Font view window. It’s ok though, layers colours can do the job, it’s just a bit more complicated since you need to move to an edit tab to change the colour.

Layer and master color are the same.

In Glyphs 2.3 you can set the layer color from font view, too, as explained by @composerjk.

I have 2.3b (879) and in Font view there is no alternative for “Set Layer Color” with option pressed.

I understand how layer colors works but what I suggested is having the ability to color each glyph (or multiple selection of glyphs) independently in each master in Font view, without having to use the Set Layer Color, but just by right clicking and selecting a different colour for each master. i.e Black and Regular for a:

In Font view, you just need to press the option key when clicking the color label (just like in the context menu in edit mode).

Thanks Georg. The Layer color works in Font View with option click. Still, though, the result is not the same as the one I am requesting. Nevertheless, I can work with it as it is.

I think simply switching the default colour to be the Layer one and the opt key for Glyph colour would be more intuitive.

I think the tricky bit is in the naming, the way I see it, the current Glyph colour is more a Font colour (it’s applied to the specific glyph in all the Masters) while the Layer colour is more close to what the Glyph colour should do, keeping differences between Masters.

The Font View shows a specific Master so I would expect the main colour to be about that specific Master and not about something that is applied across all the Masters. (I hope it makes sense so far).

I use colours to mark different things, and I found that the most important ones, as shape progression in a similar way that Kostas is using, are layer related (I’m using the word layer here not to confuse even more my point, to keep the Glyphs naming, but what I mean is single master related).

These things they also are the first things I’d be marking. Master marking happens at a later stage, so I think it would make more sense to have that as half colour in the Font View rather than the Layer Colour, and to have Layer Colour as a primary way of marking.


I am reviving this issue to ask if you have given any thought to it. Especially after Alessia’s detailed explanation.

I would like to second that feature suggestion. I work similarly to Alessia, marking layer-related issues, and this feature would work better for me, if it was the way Kostas and Alessia described it.

From the requests we receive, I would say that most people do mark the complete glyph and would also expect that as the default behaviour. If I read it correctly, Alessia wants to switch the behaviour of the Option key when setting the colour. But the current implementation already settles both workflow needs, layer-specific and glyph-wide colours.

I cannot exclude anything for the future, but for Glyphs 2.3, I doubt we will introduce such changes.

Introducing a third colour for all layers of a glyph associated with a specific font master appears to be confusing to me. You might as well set all layer colours