Filter folders should show union of their contents in font window

I appreciate that I can get a subset of glyphs that appear in two filters (or a filter and a category, or a filter and a language) by selecting both at once.

It would also be great to get a set of glyphs that appear in ANY (rather than ALL) of a selected set of filters. (It looks like this is what multiple selection used to produce.)

I thought this functionality was already built in, using folders. I assumed that by putting multiple filters in a folder and then selecting that folder, I would see all glyphs in any of the filters in the font window. But instead I just see all glyphs in the font.

The behavior I’m describing is how folders work in the iTunes playlist sidebar, and how the inbox works with multiple accounts in

It would be hugely useful to be able to nest filters like this. For example, I could construct a hierarchical character set of list filters that would include things like:

   small caps

and I could with a click summon my small caps glyphs or all of my scaled glyphs as easily as getting any of the specific list filters.

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I think about it.

While Glyphs 3 is in the works, thought I’d bump my own idea for improving list filter folders.