Font contains glyphs with duplicate production names



I keep running into this issue of "contains glyphs with duplicate production names: Tcommacent.smp, uni021A (unio021A.smp) . And if I go through and find the named glyphs and delete them then a more complicated long error message appears.

I’ve followed some of the advise on the forums and still no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


What the is longer error message? I suspect it to be about a glyph missing from opentype feature code. So you need to clean that up, too.


This the what the error message says. And how would I go about cleaning that up?

Thanks for your help


Delete or disable one of the two. These are two names for the same glyph.


Yeah I tried that earlier as well and I get this error message:


This means that you have too many substitutions. How many ligatures or alternates do you have in your font?


If you duplicate a glyph with a syntax like .ss01, the glyphName will be .ss01.001 by default. But the production name keeps the previous one, hence there’s always the message coming up:

The font contains glyphs with duplicate production names: noNu-thai.ss01, noNu-thai.ss01.001 (uni0E19.ss01)

It’s very annoying, since you end up renaming all those glyphs permanently. Especially in an early design phase where you have tons of design variants. I’d like to keep the default (and incrementing) .001 for many of those glyphs and don’t want to edit the production name manually. Cannot export the font if this issue isn’t resolved all the time.


In what version?


1137 and it happend in the ones before as well. Probably around like 1131 :slight_smile:


@GeorgSeifert: It looks like this happens when duplicating in the Edit view but not when duplicating glyphs in the Font view. fyi.


Ahaaa. I can confirm that I duplicated in Edit View from time to time, indeed. Good call @composerjk


I believe Georg has already made the fix which will likely be in the upcoming 2.5.1 release.