Font Info > Feature > generate feature automatically (2) Arabic ligatures

Following the thread initiated by Olfar… This time when working with Arabic:

I noticed that the “generate feature automatically” (although it works with init, medi and fina features) does not work for the arabic ligatures (liga feature). And when I try to write substitutions manually and compile, they do not work in the text view.

Another important point:
Is it possible to manually assign a category to a certain glyph?
I noticed that some marks in arabic (shadda_kasra-ar, shadda_dammatan-ar… and others) are categorized as ligatures.


I will improve the feature generator and glyph definition in the next few days. If you have more specific issues, please report.

Manually written features do not work. This a known issue and a improvement is in the works.

Good to know, that.
I believe it will be a good point to be able to manually write features, too.

I think it’d be nice to import/export custom encodings as filter lists.
When creating a multiple script font it makes sense to order glyphs within the font window.
In some applications, such as InDesign, it is easy to find specific glyphs in the character map panel.

Glyphs ar always sorted be script automatically. If you like to propose a special sorting of the glyphs of one script, can you send me the encoding files? I might tweak the sort order accordingly.

I’ve noticed that automatic generation features does not give support for “yehbarree-ar.fina” and “yehBarreeHamzaabove-ar.fina”. They work only if they are added manually in “fina” feature

sub yehbarree-ar by yehBarree-ar.fina;
sub hamzaonyehbarree-ar by yehBarreeHamzaabove-ar.fina;


I’ve note that the Lam_AlefWasla-ar ligature is not generated in the “rlig” feature when automatic generation buttom is activated.
It should be added manually.

sub yehbarree-ar by yehBarree-ar.fina;
sub hamzaonyehbarree-ar by yehBarreeHamzaabove-ar.fina;

the names have different spelling. I fixed that in the name DB. Thats why the feature code generator could not find them.

And I added the lam_alefWasla-ar and lam_alefWasla-ar.fina to the feature generator.

I have also found that “hehdoachashmee-ar” should be added manually for its .fina / .medi / .init features.
The fina, medi and init are named “hehDoachashmee”. It might be also an spelling problem.

The same happens with:
sub hehaltone-ar by hehAltone-ar.init;
sub hehaltone-ar by hehAltone-ar.medi;
sub hehaltone-ar by hehAltone-ar.fina;

needs to be added to the feature generator.

There is a spelling problem with “hehAltone-ar.midi” (FBA9), should be “.medi”.
Also they should be added manually.

Also should be added manually:
sub tehmarbutagoal-ar by tehmarbutagoal-ar.fina;

Sorry, that was automatically added.

I fixed the spelling. Thanks for digging through this.

Is there a spelling problem with: “yehbarree-ar”?
Shouldn’t It be “yehBarree-ar”? (B in Uppercase)

In last version (1.3.19) all yehbarree characters are named in lowercase. (glyph info panel) Is that ok?

Hi, I have notice problems with this substitution for Arabic:
sub period by fullstop-ar;
It does not apply. Thanks!

I have noticed some inconsistencies when the features panel comes up with a message: when there’s a ligature that is in two different features (liga and dlig, for instance), the message informs that the “glyph is not in font”, instead of informing on a duplication.
Also noticed that numbered string info (on the left) is missing in features panel in last version 1.3.19.

Fixed that. what does that mean?

If I need a substitution for Arabic such as:
sub period by fullstop-ar;

How should it be done?

Put it in the locl feature.

But I suspect that it is a good idea. Glyphs with a unicode should not be substituted. You should just type them.

I put the substitution in the locl feature:

script arab;
sub period by fullstop-ar;

but it does not work.