G3 (3176) Measurement line not showing values

When I use the temporary measurement line (the one you get in Typing mode holding ctrl-alt-cmd) no values are shown, just a horizontal line. Same thing happens with Show measurement activated while repositioning the line, then on unpressing ctrl-alt-cmd it shows values again.

Fixed it. Thanks.

By the… is there are setting to increase the font size of the numbers on the measurement lines? I’m getting old and needing bigger font. Fuck!!! hahaha

I’m the app prefs, set the handle size to ‘big’.

For me, the temporary measurement line still does not appear in 3180. I observed this issue since 3151 in all following Betas. When pressing ctrl-alt-cmd the cursor does show the ruler, but does not switch the tools.
This only affects the temporary measurement line. The permanent one works fine in text mode and I can adjust its height with ctrl-alt-cmd.

MacBookPro 2018 OS11.7.4 + iMac 2017 OS10.15

Can you check if View > Show Measurement line is checked. And click on the black shape while in the measurement tool?

This works all fine! It’s just about showing the measurement line temporarily by pressing ctrl-alt-cmd while using the text tool. I just want (back :upside_down_face:) the line for a glimpse and not turned on the whole time.