Get the right Glyphs font info and custom parameters?

I want to be able to have more control on the exported information of my fonts (see screenshot).

  1. Naming font/file without adding the ‘Style’ to the name when exporting. Seen it before with some existing fonts that ‘Style’ is set to ‘Regular’, but it hasn’t effect on the font/file naming. Imagine a font that hasn’t regular, bold or medium instance. In this example the ‘Style’ should be ‘Pixel’?
  2. Postscript Naming? (same as above situation).
  3. How to customize the output of ‘Unique name’?
  4. Clean version output.
  5. Vendor custom output?

What custom parameters can be used for this? I have the latest GlyphsApp running.

Maybe someone can share a example file with just the right information setup? Any help is much appreciated.

This is what i see when exporting a example font and look up the summary information:

See the custom parameters:

  • vendorID
  • versionString (can carry placeholders for the version number)
  • postscriptFontName (makes most sense in Font Info > Instances)
  • Name Table Entry (for all Name IDs except 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6; makes most sense in Font Info > Instances)

All of these are explained in detail in the appendix of the handbook and in the help that is displayed when you click on the question mark symbol in Font Info.

Some table entries are set by makeotf and cannot be changed in the UI. Why do you want to change the unique name? Are you aware of the specs?

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Edit: This one must be done with Name Table Entry. Follow the docs closely, make sure you get the numbers in the right order.

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Thank you for helping! I also wanted to know what it changeable and what not.

So you need to place the custom parameters in the right order to work? Do you have a .glyphs file as example? Thanks again!

the order of the parameters shouldn’t matter.

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Actually I found a case where it does matter. If you have multiple Rename Glyphs parameters! So I tried to make something work with only one of the Rename Glyphs. That did not work. Only after implementing 2 of them and switching their order back and for, I figured that this totally has an effect.

Unfortunately there is still something weird happening with the instance preview. It doesn’t show what happens in the final export. So I always need to export and open the .otf to check the result.

@GeorgSeifert I sent you a file last Friday which shows that problem. Only the approach with two Rename Glyphs parameters is a new discovery from today, so if you need a sample setup, please let me know.

Is there no other way to change the Vendor URL than register a Vendor-ID?

  1. You can insert any vendor ID you want. All-caps vendor IDs must be registered.
  2. What is wrong with registering a vendor ID?

Thanks. Nothing against registering, I only wondered if the Vendor-URL (not Vendor-ID) is changeable separately or if it is always linked with the entrys of the vendor-id registry.

There is no linking with the registry whatsoever. You can type in any four letters. You may make some people angry if you use an ID that has been registered already.

OK, that is good to know. But how can I change the vendor-URL (see screenshot in the first post, below “Point 5/Vendor”)? I have not seen a custom parameter for it. Thanks in advance!

That is not the vendor URL. It is the Vendor ID/name.

OK, here is a sample of an arbitrary font’s info (out of FontExplorer, in red my comments). Is the Vendor-URL actually the “Hersteller-URL”? I guess I mixed up “Hersteller” and “Lieferant”. Sorry for being not so clear before.

That “Vendor URL” (below the circled 5 in your screenshot) is likely the Manufacturer URL in the Font tab of File > Font Info (Command-I). fyi.

Thank you, I figured it out just a moment ago.

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Could you please help me re Vendor ID.
I included Vendor ID in the Glyphs app. Font Explorer indicated as UNKNOWN. What could be the reason?
Glyphs version 2.5b (1092)
See attached:

The most likely explanation is that Font Explorer has a built-in list of registered ID’s so if you aren’t on the list, you are unknown to Font Explorer.

We’re on the list. Maybe need to wait for data be updated.

To make sure, check the font with our “FontTableViewer”, OTMaster or ttx.