Glyphs 3 finds "Remove overlap" errors that Glyphs 2 didn't complain about

Exporting the same file in Glyphs 3 as Glyphs 2 now fails with:

Something went wrong when Removing Overlap in glyph

I’m not sure what I should be looking for, as there are no overlaps that I can see. Is there any more precise information available?

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

I have the same problem, seems to happen more in files with larger charsets

I am facing the same issue.

The glyphs the errors are detected are not previewing the original overlapped contour, but rather the non-overlapped preview.

Also, it has been observed that this phenomenon can be resolved by removing the specific points or modifying the Y coordinate.

I’ll send the .glyphs file to support(at) and would be happy to review it.

Thanks in advance.

Just FYI, the problem is still present in version 3.0.1 (3033).

Can you send me your file?

I’ve re-sent it.

I think I found the cause of this particular error; Glyphs 3 is more discerning with regards to untidy control point placement - so running Paths>Tidy up Paths will likely find and may correct things that didn’t bother Glyphs 2’s “remove overlaps” routines.

So it’s cool that Glyphs 3 has higher standards! If only I could do the same… :slight_smile:

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I improved the remove overlap code a bit. Can you try the latest cutting edge version (from a few minutes ago)?

Yes, thanks Georg! I’m trying the latest cutting edge. In general it seems the Remove Overlaps is a little bit more exacting - some things which were accepted by G2 upset G3, so I find I’m having to increase the area of overlapping in a few cases… No real problems yet, though!

I have just tried the latest cutting edge version (3035) but for me, the problem persists.

Tidying up paths has helped for a few of the glyphs but for others Glyphs3 still complains on export.

I am also experiencing this in 3.0.1 (3035).

“Remove Overlap” does work in this test-file Test.glyphs (7.0 KB) when I remove the serifs from the /E, but with serifs I get this error:

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In florianpircher’s sample file, the problem appears to be connected to the fact that the serif is too wide and “sticks out” of the stem on the right hand side. When I make _corner.serifBottom narrower, the export works. It also works if I decompose all components and corners and run ‘tidy up paths’, which will also remove the zero-width part that sticks out of the stem.

I found another small issue. Will update soon.

I don’t know if it is related but in Edit view the “Remove overlap” applies to the whole Glyph and not to the selection (as it was the case in Glyphs 2).

Right. I’ll fix it. In the mean time, use the intersection buttons in the transform panel. It will work on the selection only.

I just uploaded a new version. If you still get the error, please send me the file.

Sadly, I still get the error in 3.0.1 (3036). This file fails: Test.glyphs (5.2 KB)

It works, if I delete these two control-points:

Thanks Georg, this new version (3036) is definitely better in my case - I did have to open a few more corners than Glyphs 2 needed, but having done those it now creates the required font files.

I’m receiving the same error on export with ‘eogonek’.
Looking closely I can see the overlap of the e and ogonekcomb might cause an extra node when removing overlap in some masters due to their paths crossing:

Is this because glyphs 2 was more forgiving?