Glyphs 3 - Metrics View

I added a user defaults setting to control this (“AlwaysShowAllMetrics”). It will be available in the next feature update (3.1).


Thank you! :+1:

decluttering is usually just a space bar away :person_shrugging:. Or turn “show metrics” on and off (cmd + shift + m). That has been my practice for years now.

But than also, there’s no need to distinguish either.

Why is it not the other way around. Show all metics in all glyphs as default, and have filters, if you prefer so?

Yes, exactly this.

What’s more, to me, the edit view is just the “under the hood” section, where I see the details, and clutter is no problem. The preview bar at the bottom is for visual judgment, and it’s clutter-free in any case.


When can we expect 3.1 to release?

Is this update coming anytime soon @GeorgSeifert ? This seriously drives me crazy!

@Avenir please understand we cannot give predictions for arrival dates of app versions. It will be out when it is ready. Until then, you can use the workaround described above.

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Any news on this front?

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It is coming. I’m working on several bigger projects right now and need to finish them …

Did this not make it into 3.1?

It did. Check the latest cutting edge version. No need to enable any option, all standard metrics are shown on all glyphs by default.


Thank you, Florian! :raised_hands:

Great news!

It does show the metrics, but not the zones, right?

That is correct. (Now also in the stable release since 3.1 was officially release a few days ago.)

pls forgive me for asking, but y not just display the zones as well?

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Why do you need that?

Because there isn’t currently a way to get a quick visual overview of the zones. Looking at numbers in font info and switching between LC, UC, etc glyphs in edit view aren’t great when you want to compare a bunch of masters in an unfamiliar file. Can zone hiding please be optional? It’s unWYSIWYGish.

Also “scope” is an odd word choice. Perhaps “visibility” would be more appropriate?

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If you want a quick overview of all the standard zones, open the space glyph.

WYSIWYG is not an argument for something the user won’t get when they open a lowercase or uppercaseletter.

Yes it is… there are zones there and I can’t see them.


I am adding LC to an existing UC. I have UC, LC, figures, symbols, etc that all align to the same zone. I do not want to change the ascender or descender values. How do I hack Glyphs 3 so it shows me the existing cap height zone at all times?

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