Glyphs 3 - Metrics View

Hi there!

First of all: Thank you for the wonderful Glyphs 3!

But … I have one question: Is it possible to show the x-height metric line when working on capital letters and the cap-height metric line when working on lowercase letters. The way it was in Glyphs 2? !


Thank you!

You can add a scope filter to the x-height, e.g. ‘Category is Letter’:


Hi! Thank you. I‘ve searched almost everywhere : ) Where can I add such filter?

font info > masters > metrics > double click on »x-Height« > add filter

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That’s it! Thank you mekkablue and birdland!

I’m really struggling with this. I have applied the filters but only one will work at a time. So if I try show x-Height to letter, punctuation and numbers, it shows nothing on any.

Having x-Height and Cap Height on all glyphs is super useful, but i cant see any way to show them?

If you want x-height and cap height on all glyphs, use a setup like the following:

Thanks Florian, this is really helpful.

Is there any reason why this has changed in Glyphs 3, it seems really unnecessary.

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The solution suggested by Florian above violates the Don’t Repeat Yourself rule so it is unacceptable to me. Redundancy is a no-go, it’s the root of many avoidable problems, and I don’t accept being forced into this. Just imagine the horror of finding out you have been working with the wrong metric for many hours, just because you forgot to update both values when you changed it. And then you have to update everything again.

Is there really no other solution? Something like a simple user setting that says, “Show all metrics everywhere”.

Why are you assuming users don’t want to see the x-height when working on the capitals? And, even more confusing, why are you assuming the users do want to see the ascender when working on the capitals? What is the reasoning, and why are you forcing it on the user?


Also, the most natural solution, to add a filter to the general metrics (without a duplicate), as recommended by Rainer above, seems to be rather dangerous.

My feeling is that some users will have that same idea and then encounter severe problems (of various, unexpected sorts) later, possibly without any clues what the underlying problem is.

I’ll think about a way to add an option to disable the filtering.