Glyphs 3 - Paste vectors

Hi, I’ve noticed that If I copy a vector shape from Adobe Illustrator it does not paste into Glyphs.
I’ve tried using a new glyphs document.
It still works in Glyphs 2.
Is this a bug?


Are you on Big Sur? I could get it to work by changing the clipboard settings back and forth in Illustrator. But that didn’t work for another user. It seems to be an issue with Illustrator. You can’t copy paste to, either.

I’m still on Catalina. Could the settings from Glyphs 2 be replicated?

There shouldn’t be a difference between the code in Glyphs 2 and 3. Could you send me the .ai file that I can test this?

I literally just tried with a box (the simplest path I could make) without a stroke.

What have you set in the Clipboard settings in Illustrator?

Ah, ‘Include SVG code’ was checked. I unchecked it and - it worked!
Strange that Glyphs 2 wasn’t sensitive to it.

Try switching it back to SVG. It works in all three states when I switch back and forth.

It is pasting some items from AI but not everything. (I’m on 3.0.3 (3062))

I drew a simple rectangle with no stroke.
SVG on: G2 pasted fine, G3 would not paste.
SVG off: G2 pasted fine, G3 now would not paste either.

I selected a whole load of vector shapes
SVG on: G2 pasted fine, G3 pasted some items
SVG off: G2 pasted fine, G3 pasted some items

I couldn’t figure out what the items pasting to G3 had in common. Paths running on both directions came through.

If it helps, I’m pretty sure something has changed in the way items are pasted to Glyphs. In the past, regardless of stroke effect in AI, Glyphs would simply paste the basic shape. Now, if there is a stroke applied in AI, Glyphs pastes the two strokes that describe the stroke width.
It was better when just the basic shape came through.

can you send one of the example where G3 would only get some items?