Glyphs 3 peculiarities

I’ve recently upgraded to Glyphs 3 and have noticed a few bits of odd behaviour.

  1. After adding a parameter that accepts multiple values such as Sample Text or Family Name to Exports > General, there is no apparent way to delete the parameter. I’ve discovered that ⌘⌫ does the job, but that took some guessing to work it out.
  2. In the Edit View, the ⌘F shortcut opens a search box to find and insert characters. In Glyphs 2, I could for example do a quick sequence of ⌘F, “ogonek”, Tab, ⌘A, Enter to insert all my ogonek characters. In Glyphs 3 this no longer works because the Tab key seems to be non-functional, so I have to laboriously switch to my mouse to perform a click in the middle of the sequence.
  3. It’s great to have a built-in pixel tool now, but the X shortcut to access it doesn’t work if I’ve recently used the Pen tool. I’ve discovered that ⇧B will (strangely) activate the Pixel tool when the Pen tool is highlighted in the toolbar, but after that, the X key works again.

Yes. Or hold down Option when you hover the plus button, and it will turn into a removal button.

This works for me in Glyphs 3.0.3 build 3091.

That is indeed a bug. Will file a report.

Thanks, Rainer.

I was on Glyphs 3.0.2 build 3058. I’ve just upgraded and the Tab key is now functional in the that search box.

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Ah :star_struck: in any event, thanks for the detailed reports, keep it coming!

OK here’s an old problem about Smart Filters that’s bugged me since Glyphs 2, and still exists in Glyphs 3.

I often use Smart Filters, for example, to show all glyphs that are empty (zero paths, zero components) so I can see what’s left to draw in a given master. When I have a Smart Filter selected, I would expect that switching masters would refresh the filter (i.e. show empty glyphs in the current master), but instead it does not refresh and simply shows the same filtered set of glyphs based on the master that was active when I selected the filter earlier. So the only way to “refresh” the view is to click another Smart Filter and then click the one I want again.

I know that one can be anointing. But I rather keep it as is as sometimes you like to compare the content of different masters and updating the filter would mess with the visible glyphs and the selection.

Here’s another one I’ve been wishing for since I started with Glyphs a few years ago:

When I’m setting up instances for a project, I would love to see a “Duplicate Instance” option, as I would use it far more than “Add Instance”. It would save me so many clicks, because instances usually have similar settings to another instance.

It seems like such an obvious feature, that I often go looking for it before I remember it doesn’t exist.

In fact, just as I was about to post this message, I thought “I should try Cmd+C/Cmd+V just in case I’ve missed it” and behold, it works! Why does Glyphs have features like this that are undocumented or hard to find? If you can Cmd+C in an app, it should always be accompanied by a right-click menu where Copy/Paste can be found.

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You can also duplicate an export by Option-dragging it. Copy and paste menu items are in the Edit menu in the menubar. But you are right, a context menu would also be appropriate.

Thanks. A context menu would help, but I think a “Duplicate Selected Instance(s)” option inside the lower left [+] button is essential – that’s the first place I would look for it, at least.