Glyphs crashing every time

Glyphs 3 is crashing when I click to work in some glyphs. Can anyone help me?

How do I run Glyphs without the scripts and plugins so I can test if they are causing the problem?

Thank you!

I also had lots of crashes this morning, turning off Speed Punk (nor removing, just turning it off) helped a lot.

Look here:

That is most likely because of an plugin that is not updated, yet. I’m fixing them as time permits. Can you start with […] Option+Shift keys pressed (that temporarily disables the plugins).

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I’ve tested with the plugins disabled, the crashing continues. Can someone please look into my .glyphs file?

Can you please send me the .glyphs file to . I will have a look.

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And please send all crash reports (the one that comes up when you re-open the app)

And what version of Glyphs do you have?

And can you try to start Glyphs without plugins by holding down the Option+Shift key when you start the app.

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I’ve already sent the .glyphs file!

The strange thing is that it only crashes when I click to work (double click) in some specific glyphs (for example, it won’t crash if I try to work on the ‘o’ glyph, but it will crash if I click to work on the ‘n’ glyph.)

Any clues of what may be happening?

Could you please send me the crash.log file in ~/Library/Application Support/Glyphs 3/crash.log

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Yes, just sent it via e-mail. Thank you so much!

The problem was a broken plugin.

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Hey Guys - I am also having this exact same problem. Every time I open the file it crashes. There is a prompt to remove some plugins - but before I can it crashes. I also cannot find these files within Glyph’s package to delete manually. Please help!

The plugins can be found in ~/Library/Application Support/Glyphs 3/Plugins.

You need to go into your user directory, that’s what the ~ stands for, sorry.

Otherwise, in Glyphs, can you select Script > Open Scripts Folder? Or is this not possible with the crashes?

Ah I realised I needed to use the user directory! I stripped out all of them and we’re up and running again! Thanks!

Only removing word-o-mat and Wordfinder should stop the crashes.

What happens when you click the “Remove” buttin in that dialog?