Glyphs Mini license not working

I have been using the Glyphs Mini trial for 30 days now and I really love the app! I decided to buy a license today but I cannot get it to work. I seem to be having the same problem has this user (Glyphs 2 Licence not working) but with Glyphs Mini instead of Glyphs 2.

I have deleted and downloaded the application several times, but that doesn’t seem te be solving the issue. Whenever I drag the license on the app icon, the app launches with a message “The Test Period has expired. Please visit to get a license.”

Any help or experience is appreciated!

Did you see this tutorial?
Does it help?

Hi Georg,

I did see the tutorial, but it didn’t help me. I also don’t have any “com.GeorgSeifert.Glyphs…” files in my ByHost folder. I’m on OSX 10.9.5

The file is called com.schriftgestaltung.GlyphsMini.

The most important step is to set the access rights correctly.

Then drag the license file on the closed app.

Can you send me the file you have. Sometimes it is damaged.

I don’t have a com.schriftgestaltung.GlyphsMini file anywhere. I did send you my license file as a reply on the forum e-mail, hope that gets delivered to you?

I didn’t get the email. Can you send it again? (to support at this domain?)