Glyphs version 3

Is there any development for version 3.

We looking to buy few licenses of Glyphs. If it is in works. We would like to wait for it, instead of having to pay for the upgrade fee again.


There is development for version three, but it is far from finished. So, no reason to delay your investment.

If version three is released shortly after your purchase, you will be part of the grace period, and not pay anything for the upgrade. Otherwise you pay half price for the upgrade.

At least when it’s targeted for release?
This year or next year?

Please understand we cannot give you a date. We don’t know it ourselves. But again, rest assured, if you buy Glyphs 2, and the next day Glyphs 3 comes out, you will not have to pay for the upgrade, because your purchase will fall under the grace period.

Hi mekkablue, any news about this topic? In a workshop earlier this year you had talked about a possible launch in the middle of 2020. Thanks!

I have been curious about this as well. I have seen some posts referencing Glyphs 3, and I’ve seen that some commenters have “Beta Tester” next to their names. What is required to become a beta tester?

Getting on my good side. :slight_smile: You are one now.



I’d love to see what’s new in Glyphs 3, but I probably don’t qualify as a beta tester.

Looking forward to see what’s new in Glyphs 3. I hope it will be ready very soon!

Hello dear,
I hope that I will be able to be one of the testers for the Beta version, especially with regard to the Arabic language, with many thanks and appreciation for your efforts.

Hello! I would like to be a Beta Tester for just to be sure if there is anything else I can do to improve on our first project, but not sure if this is eligible cause to have such a privilege — while thinking about all the efforts through the actual processes and the time consumed before by the other (real) participants…

May I join version 3 beta testing.

Hello! I’d be also very keen to test the new version! I’m mostly interested in color fonts, so this would be my main focus.

If there is still room, I’d love to be part of beta too!

Can a user run glyphs 3 beta independently from glyphs 2 (both apps side by side)?
If this is possible I would like to try the new Beta too.

Yes you can.

Hello everyone!
Can I become a beta tester, please? @mekkablue
I’m working on single stroke fonts (for cnc machines), and would like to see if my current workflow is viable in version 3.

Would be happy to beta test Glyphs 3 too, if it’s possible

I too would like to raise my hand to help beta test Glyphs 3, if at all possible :slight_smile:
Thanks @mekkablue for consideration