Glyphs version 3

Is there any development for version 3.

We looking to buy few licenses of Glyphs. If it is in works. We would like to wait for it, instead of having to pay for the upgrade fee again.


There is development for version three, but it is far from finished. So, no reason to delay your investment.

If version three is released shortly after your purchase, you will be part of the grace period, and not pay anything for the upgrade. Otherwise you pay half price for the upgrade.

At least when it’s targeted for release?
This year or next year?

Please understand we cannot give you a date. We don’t know it ourselves. But again, rest assured, if you buy Glyphs 2, and the next day Glyphs 3 comes out, you will not have to pay for the upgrade, because your purchase will fall under the grace period.

Hi mekkablue, any news about this topic? In a workshop earlier this year you had talked about a possible launch in the middle of 2020. Thanks!