Glyphs won't open

My Glyphs is not opening like it did yesterday. I click on the icon, it starts jumping on the deck as it always does, but then it stops (as if it opened like every other time), but on the top bar where it should say glyphs it just says finder, so I put my cursor there and I only daw the spinning wheel. Then after a while it disappeared and stayed at the finder menu.

I right clicked on the glyphs icon to see if it is open somehow and I was able to force quit it but I couldn’t go in the program. I tried to open it by clicking on my previous project file but it did the same thing…

Can you try starting Glyphs while holding down Option and Shift? That disables all plugins.

it worked, thanks so much!!
If it disables all plugins, how do I turn them back on?

You have now found out that there is obviously some plugin that prevents Glyphs from starting.

Duplicate your Plugins folder (which you can find by opening the Scripts folder through Scripts > Open Scripts Folder). Delete all the plugins in the original Plugins folder and slowly copy back the plugins one by one, restarting Glyphs each time. Once Glyphs doesn’t start anymore, you know that the last plugin you copied is the culprit. Mention it here in the forum so that i can be fixed.

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thank you for the help! Will post the faulty ones for sure

i took all of the plugins out, now glyphs won’t start at all… it jumps once when i click on it in the dock and that’s it. Also the Plugin folder wasn’t in the scripts folder, but in the contents folder of Glyphs

The Plugins folder is supposed to be next to the scripts folder, not inside.

okay, i found it, took all the plugins out but now it wont even try to start. I checked out what the consol app says:
This method should not be called on the main thread as it may lead to UI unresponsiveness

That message is common and shouldn’t result in a crash. Does holding Option+Shift still make the app start properly?
Then you might have a damaged Python module. Can you remove it from the “Repositories” folder?

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Option+Shift started it before i removed the plugins but not anymore unfortunately.
Sorry, where is the repositories folder? Haven’t seen any folders named Repositories before

It’s next to the Scripts folder.

Did you put the Plugins folder back where you found it?

I have resources next to the plugins folder:/
And yes, I put them back where i found it but it didn’t help

First try to remove the “GlyphsPythonPlugin” folder from “Repositories”. If that doesn’t work,
rename the “Repositories” and Plugins folder (add an underscore or something).

I don’t have a Repositories folder. I tried searching for GlyphsPythonPlugin in my mac but I couldn’t find it.
I never touched any of these folders before so I have no idea where the went:/

Copy this line:
~/Library/Application Support/Glyphs 3/Repositories/
goto Finder, press Command+Shift+G. In the text field, paste the string and hit Enter. That should open the “Repositories” folder.

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thank you, it won’t let me hit enter after I paste this. Is it possible that I don’t have that folder?

I have Glyphs not Glyphs 3! thats why i didn’t find it!
However I don’t have the GlyphsPythonPlugin folder

Ah, you are working in Glyphs 2?

yes i think so. I got it from my university, and since I can’t check the version since glyphs won’t open I can’t tell the exact version number:/
I forgot to mention that! I am sorry!!

Then you need to read this: Glyphs 2 on Monterey | Glyphs