How do I duplicate a glyph (copy) from one master to another?

I tried reading this but it didn’t make sense to me: Batch copying of glyphs to a new master

I have a glyph where normal and bold masters need to stay in sync (Box drawing characters for example, they are the same between all masters). So, if I make a change in one master, I need to copy the outlines to another. This becomes really tedious :frowning: and painful.

Any suggestions on how best to do this? I tried copying and pasting (also tried paste special) but it doesn’t update the original glyph. It just creates another glyph.001.
Any ideas?

Ok, I found a way and I hope this helps others are looking to do the same.

  1. Select “From” layer (say Regular weight). This is the layer we want to copy from.
  2. In the main grid view (where all glyphs are displayed) copy the glyphs you want to copy using Cmd + C
  3. Switch “To” layer (say Bold weight). This is the layer we want to copy to.
  4. Paste using Cmd + Option + V and select “Selected Glyphs” and under it select “Content of active layer”. Keep all other checkboxes unchecked.

It pasted everything nicely :slight_smile:


I keep returning to my own answer for reference, it wasn’t crystal clear so here is the exact settings you need to have checked in order to mass-copy many glyphs from one layer to the other.

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Mekkablue’s script Copy Layer to Layer is a good way too. Copy between fonts or within the same font, even copy another font/layer into the background layer.

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Thanks! I will give it a shot. I’ve yet to run a script in Glyphs. I see there is a Github repository with most common scripts, I shall give it a try.

In the regular version of Glyphs, you can install the scripts and plugins using the Plugin Manager. If you are using Glyphs Mini, I don’t know anything about it.

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