I dislike Alphabet Type's charset checker, and FontDrop's and Underware's font validation. I want to find an alternative that detects all languages, including Japanese, etc


I do not want to necro-dump the topic Check OTF to see what languages are supported.

  • I dislike Alphabet Type’s charset checker because I have to check every language, and every Unicode block. I want just to check Japanese, Korean and Mandarin, not different CJK Unicode blocks. It failed to detect Catalan’s letter ŀl, Dutch’s letters ij and IJ and German’s uppercase letter ẞ.
  • I almost liked Underware’s font validation, but not. It detected uncommon Catalan, Dutch and German letters, Cyrillic and Greek letters, and rendered Greece, Russia, Ukraine and other countries that use Cyrillic alphabet orange, but it did not detect Chinese, Japanese and Korean ideograms and did not display China, Japan, and Korea orange.
  • FontDrop is similar to Underware’s font validation.
  • pyfontaine does not work due to a bug.

I want to find an alternative that:

  • supports to load more 3 MB of a font size;
  • detects the uncommon Catalan, Dutch and German letters;
  • detects Cyrillic, Greek, Japanese, etc, not only Latin.
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After 2 months of usage of Hyperglot, I give my option:

Hyperglot did an impressive job, but it needs to improve a lot because it failed to detect Cretan hieroglyphs, Cypriot and Cypro-Minoan syllabaries, and Linear A and B scripts in George Douros’ fonts, and Ainu and Okinawan languages in the open source Unifont font. It also failed to detect the Klingonese Klingon, known as pIqaD, in the Unifont font, and Egyptian hieroglyphs in the Noto Sans Egyptian Hieroglyphs and Segoe UI Historic fonts.

I am pretty sure you can contribute to the project on GitHub.

I have just done it. You can check my issue update and my pull request in which I provided the screenshots with the result:

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