Incorrect Interpolation: components and normal paths don't match

I created a modular typography with 9 instances from 2 masters (1 light, other superbold).
I used components that connect with normal paths as seen in the images attached.

But, in interpolation instances, in some instances, paths don’t match even though nodes are perfectly aligned in the masters. I also created an intermediate master. Still does not work.

How can I fix this? Any help will be welcome.


Check this threat :

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This can be build quite well with corner components.

Thank you both!

Hey Georg, thanks for your comments again. do you have an example of how corners can be used for this time of use? I just find examples for serifs… :confused:

What exactly is the difficulty? Works the same way:

Thanks Rainer.
It still produces weird paths that don’t match. See the example where you can see the same corner working in several places, but suddenly it produces those glitches. Removing the corner and adding it again fixes the problem, but sometimes, that effect reappears without even touching anything new in the character.

Example: First time I applied the corners:

After removing all corners, and adding them again.

When you flip corners, you need to make sure to flip them the same direction in both masters.