Kern groups not exporting for one master? Different behavior in Glyphs versus export

This post suggests this or a similar issue was fixed in v3.0.3, but I’m running into it on v3.1.2 (3151).

I’m seeing different behavior when I use my font in Glyphs versus when I use the exported files. I think this is probably because the kern groups are not exporting for one of my masters (but honestly I’m not sure).

More specifically:

  • I have a variable font with two masters and one (custom) axis.
  • I designed it so each glyph has the same width in both masters.
  • I imported kern groups from another font and applied it to both masters.
  • This is all so text displayed in this font has exactly the same width regardless of what the value is along the custom axis (that is, so text doesn’t “move around” on the page as the value changes.)
  • When I use the font in Glyphs and toggle between the two masters, the width stays exactly the same for all sample texts, as intended.
  • But when I export the font and use it externally, the width is different between the two masters — using exactly the same sample texts.
  • This is true regardless of which exported file I use (.ttf, .woff, or .woff2).
  • It’s true regardless of where I use the font (I tried using the mekkablue script Test > Variable Font Test HTML and on a website built with Webflow).

I’m really at a loss here! Does anyone know what’s going on and how I can fix it?

Please try the latest cutting edge version. It should work there.

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