Kerning Groups?


I’m currently using Glyphs mini as I’m new to this. After having designed type in illustrator for years I thought I’d try to make some working fonts. Loving it so far but there’s a lot to learn! No doubt I’ll be on this forum in the coming months with hundreds of queries!

I’m having a bit of trouble getting the kerning right with diacritics. I’ve been reading this post: Kerning diacritics about kerning diacritics. I’ve basically got to the same point as itsmesimon:

I followed Mekkaablue’s advice… [quote=“mekkablue, post:4, topic:2337, full:true”]
You need to set the group with the script mentioned above. And then compress kerning in Window > Kerning.
[/quote]… and took a look at the script in question but can’t work out how to use it.

Perhaps Glyphs mini does not support scripting? If so, then how do I set kerning groups for diacritics in Glyphs mini?

Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance.

In the font tab there are labeled fields for kern group shown in the box at the bottom left. In the edit tab kern groups are the fields just below the kern values on the left and right ends of the info box.

Correct. You have to do it manually in Mini, like @DunwichTypeFounders explained.

Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately it still doesn’t work.

Á, for example, inherits the spacing of A but not the kerning pairs (i.e. AVA is different than ÁVÁ).

See image for how I have the glyph set up.

Was A already in the group A before you kerned it? If you added it to the group afterward than the kerning exists for the glyph A and not for the A kern group.

If @DunwichTypeFounders is right, you need to open the Kerning window and click “Compress” from the button in the lower right. That will copy the kerning values from the glyphs to the classes.

Thanks for the help. I kerned all glyphs before I did any of the diacritics. Then I did the diacritics… Then I added the left group and right group manually. It still doesn’t work.

I tried clicking compress from the kerning window and still nothing?

A-HA! Worked it out. I didn’t have the lock icon clicked on the ‘A’ Left and Right ‘K’. :wink: Thanks for all your help.

Hi there, I am having the same problem but can’t seem to get it resolved. I am making an uppercase font in Glyphs Mini and trying to replicate the kerning for the lowercase letters that are actually just the same thing. When I change the kerning group in the info box in the fonts tab nothing happens. Help is appreciated, thanks!

You need to set the same kerning groups to the mating upper and lowercase. As you did the kerning before you added the classes, the kerning values are attached to the glyphs directly and not to the classes. Check the Kerning panel. Most entries should be bold/blue, but are grey. You can fix that by selecting “Compress kerning” from the gear button in the lower right.