Kerning moves marks unwantingly

I have two base glyphs and a mark. Let’s call them B1, B2, and M1.
Ignore the spaces and let’s say I type B1 M1
The mark goes into perfect position.
Then I add B2. So we have B1 M1 B2. Now B2 kerns -100 to B1. But here, not only that kerning happens but M also gets shifted back by 100.

If I use another mark, let’s call it M2, then if I write:
B1 M1 M2 B2
then B2 kerns properly but both M1 and M2 also get shifted back (kerned).

Is there a way to stop this from happening?


  1. In Glyphs, do you kern just the base glyphs?
  2. Which version of Glyphs?
  3. If you are doing Arabic, did you make sure the bases are defined as letters (watch out if you use custom glyph info or glyph names), and the editor is set to RTL when you kern?
  4. Where do you test the result of the kerning?
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The latest, updated yesterday

Normal English

Pages on Mac
Thank you!

I expected a number. ‘The latest’ can refer either to 2.6.4 or 2.6.5, the cutting edge version.

Oh sorry I didn’t know there was more than one. It’s 2.6.4

Should I better go the the website to get the cutting edge version?

Preferences > Updates > Show cutting edge versions

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Oh, I updated to the cutting edge version and the rules for the anchors are different! I never was able to get the rules for the older version’s anchors. But had most of my anchors working by one by one trial and error. Not anymore, some no longer work with this cutting edge update, and so far no luck in working out their new rules. It would be very very helpful if anyone could explain what rules the anchors function with! I made a thread about it here but no indication of the rules yet:

I’m still not sure what you are struggling with.

Can you send me the .glyphs file and a sample document where I can see that you are trying to archive?

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When you are adding the kerning, mark sure that you don’t have any of your marks in the edit view. But I suspect that if the mark/anchor problem is properly solved, the kerning will work as expected.

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