Linking italics when they are in a separate file

I have two .glyphs files. One for upright, one for italic weights. For italic linking I gave upright isntances’ names and it works in TextEdit, but not in InDesign.

Also - is it possible to have a style linked to more than one instance?

Unless you mistyped something or there is a font conflict, that’s exactly how it’s done. It doesn’t matter if the instance is in the same file or not. What counts is that they share the same family name, and that the style names you filled in in the Style Linking section are not mistyped, including trailing/leading spaces and upper/lower case.

Why would you want to link a style to more than one instance?

… if you can’t resolve the linking problem, you can send us your .glyphs files and I’ll have a look.

I have 6 weights:
SemiBold [is bold of] Light
Bold [is bold of] Regular

For italics I left all the same and additionally checked [is italic of ]. So there’s both checkmarks selected on Bold Italic and SemiBold Italic. Normal weight is named Regular Italic.

As for weight linked to several instances - right now Thin weight doesn’t have bold attached. If app doesn’t provide it, nothing happens when bold is selected.

The normal wight should be only “Italic”.

This is how I would do it:

Bold [is bold of:] Regular

Thin Italic [is italic of:] Thin
Light Italic [is italic of:] Light
Italic [is italic of:] Regular
SemiBold Italic [is italic of:] SemiBold
Bold Italic [is bold & italic of:] Regular
Black Italic [is italic of:] Black

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That seems okay to me.

So basically everything is correct, but in InD neither italics, nor bolds of italics work.

No, they should.
Can you send me the files? I’ll have a look.

There was a silly mistake on my part - fixed it, all works. Sorry for bothering.

Why use “Italic” and not “Regular Italic”?

Some applications use style name heuristics to determine style link dependencies. And they may expect “Italic” as style name.

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