List filter sequence error

I think the list filter error attached by the link is happening again.
In version 2.6.5 (1342), it worked normally and the sequence of glyphs is broken after updating to 2.6.6 (1349).

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It works for me.

neither I do

Mine is Version 2.6.5 (1342) and I had the same issue. I deleted reinstalled Glyphs, and then it fixed.

I’ve re-installed it, but there’s still a problem.
The list is still broken, as shown in the attached screenshot. Isn’t there any way to solve it?

Do you mean the font view is not sorting in the order of the list filter? That is not intended to happen. The sidebar is just filtering, not sorting.

Previously, glyphs lists were printed in order within the list filter, even if the sort was not intended.
We are currently producing Japanese with a large number of glyphs, so we should be able to compare the designs of glyphs to various glyphs. Therefore, we need the ability to compare specific glyphs in a specific order by using a list filter.
Can you make an option to choose whether or not I want to sort it in order of the list filter glyphs when I make a list filter?