Merge or copy one master into another?


I’ve created a layered typeface and now I’d like to marge a couple of layers to make a flat version.
Is there a automatic way to copy the shapes of two or more masters into another?

I read this post but I’m not sure it’s doing the same thing:



You mean you have shape 1 on master A, shape 2 on master B, and now you want shape 1 AND 2 on master C?

Yes, exactly.

That is a task for a script. Keep an eye on my GitHub rep.

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Thank you @makkablue That would be amazing and very generous.
I shall eagerly keep an eye out.

I uploaded a new script into the GitHub rep, see the Masters subfolder.

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That is awesome! It worked a charm. Thanks @mekkablue, much appreciated.

Is there a way to batch ‘Reverse Contours’ on all glyphs? (The option appears greyed-out on the font view). This would enable one master to become a counter shape, by reversing it and then applying the merge script. A big timesaver for adding outlines and internal decorative shapes.


That would introduce outline errors in the separate masters. Better: Correct Path Directions on the merged master.