Microsoft Word on Mac

User is having trouble using a Hebrew font (with automatic contextual alternates/cycling) on Microsoft Word on a Mac.
Not my first time with customers having issues in Word (which I discourage customers from using) , but I’ve sent her both otf and ttf files with all Windows 1252 and Mac Roman glyphs generated and it’s still not working for her. She says it works on Pages, so I’m not worried about issues in my font file and am assuming it’s a Microsoft Word glitch. Is this something that can be solved in export settings? Is Word just not liking the contextual alts?

Have a look at this topic:

Sorry, didn’t clarify - the font isn’t working at all, it reverts to Arial when she selects it.

Do you have a unicode ranges parameter set in font info?

No, should I be adding it and setting it to Hebrew?
(None of the other fonts of mine she have a unicode range custom parameter either, but she says they’re working in Word.)

The Unicode ranges should be calculated automatically.

  1. Character missing? Is she applying the font to a selected text? If so, can she send you the text, and you can analyze it in the Split Up tool in UnicodeChecker.
  2. Updated and recompiled OT features? Make sure all writing systems show up Languagesystems.
  3. Possible installation error. Can you reproduce on your machine, or in a different user?